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په پېښور کې د مدنې حقوقو فعالینو د زرڅانگې سره د مرستې لپاره فعالیتونه پیل کړیدې. د قبایلي ښځو یوې ټولنې چې خور نومیږي، مشرې نورین نصیر په خپل فیس بک د زرڅانگې د مرستې لپاره مبارزه شروع کړیده. نورین نصیر وایي چې هر هغه کس چې د زرڅانگې مرسته […]

د قبایلي ښځو یوې ټولنې چې خور نومیږي، مشرې نورین ...

Zarsanga Bibi house was ransacked by the miscreants in Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, they had debt related issues with Zarsanga Bibi’s family. She and her family was badly hurt in the attack. On the request and lobbying of KHOR’s co-founder Dr. Noreen Naseer, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government and youth representative Mr. […]

Zarsanga Bibi Our Heritage 

PAKISTAN I AM STANDING ALONE #NoToRiwajAct  Our protest and tribute to khor Zahida Bibi and many lost souls sacrificed on the altar of customary practices in Pakhtunkhwa.  Homo sacer is a paradoxical figure, it is the one who may not be sacrificed, yet may be murdered with impunity. In this […]

Pakhtun Woman (A Female Homo-Sacer)

Under the umberella of KHOR, Qabailee Khor was founded, President Nausheen Jamal from Orakzai Agency lead the team of tribal women from FATA, the Qabailee Khor dynamic General Secretary Sakina Bibi is from Mohmand Agency , it’s information secretary Nadia Saba Dawar is from North Waziristan, Sarah Massih is a […]

Qabailee Khor