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Poem of the month by Nazrana Ghaffar Yousafzai  مسافرې ښځې اکثر ټپې اورمه چې یادوي، هلکان مسافرۍ کې ځوانان د کلي یخ بادونه د باغ خندانه گلان غوټۍ غوټۍ یادونه د سیند په غاړه ماښام خپل بنډارونه ژاړي د بی غمۍ ورځې شپې ډک وو جامونه. ژاړي زما خپل ځان […]

Poem of the Month (Khor Ghag Magazine) 

Pakhtun Women are performing several roles such as home management, taking part in agricultural activities and also actively supporting families through handicrafts. Due to her never ending responsibilities, she has no time and opportunity to promote her skills, knowledge, literary acumen, art and poetry. Although, there is a huge unwritten […]

Khor Ghag (Magazine) 

Peshawar belongs to us and we all belong to this beautiful city. Our inter-faith group (KHOR & Integrated Community Development Initiatives) is involved in peace building, developing tolerance and connectivity with our heritage. Today we visited Peshawar sacred places and old city. A big thank you to Rubina Massey for planning […]

Inter-faith Harmony and Our Heritage