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The co- founder KHOR, Ms. Shahida Shah was invited to a summer camp, arranged by the Diocese of Peshawar, Church of Pakistan to give a session on Patriarchy,  Lacunas in Judicial System and  Survival of Christian Women. The summer camp was  stationed at the branch of Diocese of Peshawar in […]

Minority Khor Surviving Patriacrchy 

Poem of the month by Nazrana Ghaffar Yousafzai  مسافرې ښځې اکثر ټپې اورمه چې یادوي، هلکان مسافرۍ کې ځوانان د کلي یخ بادونه د باغ خندانه گلان غوټۍ غوټۍ یادونه د سیند په غاړه ماښام خپل بنډارونه ژاړي د بی غمۍ ورځې شپې ډک وو جامونه. ژاړي زما خپل ځان […]

Poem of the Month (Khor Ghag Magazine)