KHOR participated in the protest for baby Zainab, who was raped and brutally killed in Kasur, we are striving for humane society that has transformed into a complicated mess. The abuse that our women and children face are manifolds, and our men are directly and indirectly involved in it. We […]

End Child Abuse

KHOR and Qabailee Khor are in solidarity with our Youth Jirga and applaud the efforts of Arshad Afridi and his team. Abolish oppressive FCR, free tribal people from informal judicial structure of Riwaj and integrate the war ravaged and underdeveloped periphery with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We are already integrated in Khyber […]

KHOR Signing A Petition

Qabailee Khor under the umbrella of KHOR organization had a successful press conference. Our Press Release Statement was: A protest press conference arranged by “KHOR” Organization with “Qabailee Khor” network of tribal women of FATA. In the protest, cabinet of Qabailee Khor and its members were present. They demanded that: […]

KHOR in solidarity with Qabailee Khor

The co- founder KHOR, Ms. Shahida Shah was invited to a summer camp, arranged by the Diocese of Peshawar, Church of Pakistan to give a session on Patriarchy,  Lacunas in Judicial System and  Survival of Christian Women. The summer camp was  stationed at the branch of Diocese of Peshawar in […]

Minority Khor Surviving Patriacrchy 

Poem of the month by Nazrana Ghaffar Yousafzai  مسافرې ښځې اکثر ټپې اورمه چې یادوي، هلکان مسافرۍ کې ځوانان د کلي یخ بادونه د باغ خندانه گلان غوټۍ غوټۍ یادونه د سیند په غاړه ماښام خپل بنډارونه ژاړي د بی غمۍ ورځې شپې ډک وو جامونه. ژاړي زما خپل ځان […]

Poem of the Month (Khor Ghag Magazine)