Inter-faith Harmony and Our Heritage 

Peshawar belongs to us and we all belong to this beautiful city. Our inter-faith group (KHOR & Integrated Community Development Initiatives) is involved in peace building, developing tolerance and connectivity with our heritage. Today we visited Peshawar sacred places and old city. A big thank you to Rubina Massey for planning and facilitating us. During Gurdwara visit we met Shuakat Ara bibi, who is a caretaker of Gurdwara Bhai Beba Singh since 1954, a brave lady that guarded Gurdwara against every type of encroachments. Ghorak Nath temple in Ghor Ghatri is the oldest temple in Peshawar city, the caretaker had a long legal fight with the government and was successful in re-opening it in 2003. All these places are sustained on the community self-help, although these places are under the control of a state. We are told that during certain religious festivals, huge money is collected but it goes to certain department under the pretext that it will be invested back on their praying places. Such sacred places of praying, Sethi Mohallah and old city are the reflections of our diversity in a beautiful Peshawar and I hope that we are able to preserve our heritage.

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