Khor Ghag (Magazine) 

Pakhtun Women are performing several roles such as home management, taking part in agricultural activities and also actively supporting families through handicrafts. Due to her never ending responsibilities, she has no time and opportunity to promote her skills, knowledge, literary acumen, art and poetry. Although, there is a huge unwritten literature and skills that are verbally communicated from one generation to another and have made an outstanding contribution to the language and handicrafts. Khor Ghag (Sister’s Call) is Khwendo Himmat O Ranra’s (KHOR) humble initiative, its main aim is to preserve and record Pakhtun Women literature and skills. It will provide an opportunity to the women writers, poets, painters, artists and entrepreneurs of our region. In our magazine, the women from all over the world will be able to showcase their stories, prose, poetry, art and achievements. We will record her-story, her-experience, her-success, her-learnings, and her-life. In addition to her literary activities, we will also provide a platform in Khor Ghag so our skilled women can showcase their skills.

(Short poem by Nayyirah Waheed) 

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