Minority Khor Surviving Patriacrchy  1

The co- founder KHOR, Ms. Shahida Shah was invited to a summer camp, arranged by the Diocese of Peshawar, Church of Pakistan to give a session on Patriarchy,  Lacunas in Judicial System and  Survival of Christian Women. The summer camp was  stationed at the branch of Diocese of Peshawar in Dhonga Gali, (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ). She introduced the “Aqleyati Khor” network and its objectives, an initiative of KHOR, also supported by Diocese of Peshawar, ICDI and The Rising Hope (organization for Sikh Community in KP/FATA). The main objective of the minority women network of KP, PATA and FATA is to assist them in getting their rights as prescribed by the constitution of Pakistan. It was an interactive session, the participants shared their experiences with the Ms. Shahida Shah and she helped them in identifying certain legal sources and social services that can asssit them in getting their rights. 

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One thought on “Minority Khor Surviving Patriacrchy 

  • Gulla

    Like these conferences should be in FATA not in another cities. If all women of FATA will gather with you and discuse their problems rights and its solution then encouragement will come in them. You should inform them for discussing and invite to confer.