Qabailee Khor Visited Domestic Violence Victim Zahida Bibi (Zahida khor picture uploaded with her consent) 

Shahida Shah, KHOR’s General Secretary, Qabailee Khor team visited Zahida khor jana in Khyber Teaching Hospital amidst threats and serious risk. Salute to Nausheen Jamal, President Qabailee Khor from Orakzai, Sakina Bibi General Secretary Qabailee Khor from Mohmand & Nazish Begum member Qabailee Khor from South Waziristan for reaching out to the victim of domestic violence Zahida khor (Kurram Agency, the Riwaj infested FATA). Few days back on refusing her brother in law proposal after her husband’s death, she was burnt down by her in-laws. She was rushed to hospital but is guarded by her inlaws who burnt her. The KHOR team is indebted to PPP’s Rubina Khalid, activists Rukhshanda Naz Roohi Khan & Sabahat Mushtaq of NET shelter home for quick action and support. On request for security, IG Police notified a lady police to guard the victim, the brother of victim is in contact with Nosheen, President Qabailee Khor and will stay at her home as the 3 children (including one burnt child) of the victim are also in danger, the case is still in process, and at a crucial point. #VAW #DomesticViolence #Riwaj #FATA

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