KHOR in solidarity with Qabailee Khor

Qabailee Khor under the umbrella of KHOR organization had a successful press conference. Our Press Release Statement was:

A protest press conference arranged by “KHOR” Organization with “Qabailee Khor” network of tribal women of FATA. In the protest, cabinet of Qabailee Khor and its members were present. They demanded that:

1. Expedite the reforms process of FATA before 2018 elections.

2. Remove the ambiguity about the reforms related to Riwaj, justice structures, women and children issues.

3. The problems faced by our internally displaced people should be resolved and displaced tribals should be repatriated without delay and proper compensation should be paid.

4. Areas with land mines should be cleared for local population.

5. The most important issue on the agenda was the yesterday’s incident in North Waziristan. They mentioned that in 2011 the amendment in FCR has exempted elderly, women and children from night raids, torture, detention and imprisonment. Also, misuse of force against innocent people during actions in aid of civil power is punishable. QK reminded the authorities that they understand the tribal people have limited citizenship in the special status, however they do have certain rights given to them by the state and it should be respected.

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