KHOR Promoting Interfaith Harmony and Celebrating Women’s Day with our Aqliyati Khor in All Saints’ Church Peshawar

KHOR arranged a seminar for our Aqliyati Khor on International Women’s Day.  KHOR understands that humanity is love, peace and tolerance. In conflict ridden North West, we united our sisters under the umbrella of KHOR, (sisters’ strength and enlightenment), hence formed certain networks like Qabailee Khor for women of FATA, Oolasi Khor to promote Pakhtun women craft, Aqliyati Khor to create space for our sisters from minority and Musafira Khor for Pakhtun Women diaspora.

Addressing the seminar, the president of Aqliyati Khor, Reema Irshad, gave an introduction about Aqliyati Khor and said that Aqliyati Khor was started in 2017. She thanked KHOR for the initiative and inclusiveness of minorities women.

Nausheen Jamal of KHOR thanked all the participants for their interest in the seminar. She discussed the rights of women in the light of 1973 Constitution and International conventions. She reinforced that nobody should be discriminated on the basis of religion. She further said that the purpose of Aqliyati Khor is facilitate and educate our sisters about their socio-economic rights. The Father of the All Saint’s Church Mr. Murad Shehzad shed light on the history of All Saint’s Chuch, Peshawar City and told the audience about its inauguration on 27th December, 1883 and contribution towards welfare of the society. The highlight of the seminar was the rare representation of Bihai Community by Ms. Malalai, she discussed the status of Bihai community in KP and FATA. She apprised the contribution of KHOR in highlighting the cause of minority women. She beautifully put that our beliefs are not different, we all are children of Adam and Eves, however we have divided ourselves on basis of cast, colour and creed. Gurrhiya Darshan from Sikh Community represented her community and with heavy heart mentioned that said that Sikh women are lagging behind in education and jobs. Ms. Nadia, Associate Professor in Department of Chemistry at Edwardes College, addressed the participants discussing 1973 Constitution, Article 25 (1) provides equality before law and protection. Article 26 provides for protection of minorities and representation in Federal and Provincial Governments. But these are not implemented in case of minority women quota. Sathia Gurshan Das, representative from Hindu community, said that hindu community have problems of domestic violence. In the end, Farsan Bhatti, winded up seminar with a poem titled “Ibn-e Maryam Hua Kare Koi”

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